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Tattoo & Permanent Make-up Inks

Tattoo & Permanent Make-up Inks

Tattoos are a popular form of body art, made by penetrating the outer layer of the skin with a needle and injecting ink into the area beneath to create a design. 

Permanent make-up is similar to a tattoo, and is used to produce designs that resemble eyeliner, lip liner, eyebrows, or other make-up.

Tattoo and permanent make-up inks are composed of a mix of several chemicals, obviously including pigments and diluents.

These mixtures may contain hazardous substances and contaminants which pose health risks including infections, allergic reactions or even more serious consequences like genetic mutations and cancer. As chemicals used in tattoo and permanent make-up inks may remain in the body for life, there is the possibility for long-term exposure to the potentially harmful ingredients.

Furthermore, in Europe Tattoos have been recently added to Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006  (REACH) and thus need to comply with Annex XVII of REACH law and in US FDA has issued a draft guidance on tattoo inks for the industry.

To guarantee the protection of people and comply with the latest disposition of the law regarding tattoos and permanent make-up, Chimar provides consulting services to the inks industry regulated under the EU, UK and US law.

Services covered: Toxicology, Regulatory compliance, Labelling & Marketability.