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Our Mission & Values

Our Mission


Supporting product transparency and culture development, allowing consumers to make better choices.


Guaranteeing an inclusive, meritocratic environment for our colleagues, where employees can feel they are doing good to the world.


To contribute improving the consumer goods environment while making fair return in investment and rewarding social sustainability contribution.


Building long-term partnerships with our stakeholders, understanding their unique needs, and delivering customized solutions.

Our Values

We believe that the seven core principles of Bushido, the way of the Japanese samurai, fully represent the spirit of Chimar in the relationship with our clients and among our own team members.

Honesty, Justice

Be scrupulously honest in your dealings with others, believe in justice coming not from other people but from yourself. The true Samurai has no uncertainty on the question of honesty and justice. There is only what is right and what is wrong.

Heroic, Courage

Elevated above the masses who are afraid to act, hiding like a turtle in its shell is not living. A Samurai must possess heroic courage, this is absolutely risky and dangerous, this means living fully, fully, wonderfully. Heroic courage is not blind but intelligent and strong.


Intense training makes the samurai quick-witted and strong. He is different from others; he acquires power that must be used for the common good. He possesses compassion; he seizes every opportunity to be of help to his fellow man, and if the opportunity does not present itself he does everything to find one. A samurai’s compassion should be shown especially toward women and children.

Gentle Courtesy

Samurai have no reason to behave cruelly; they do not need to show their strength. A Samurai is kind even to his enemies. Without such outward show of respect a man is little more than an animal. The Samurai is respected not only for his strength in battle but also for how he interacts with other men. The best combat is one that is avoided.

Complete Sincerity

When a Samurai expresses an intention to perform an action, it is practically already accomplished; nothing will prevent him from carrying out the expressed intention. He does not need to either “give the word” or promise. Speaking and acting are the same thing.



There is only one judge of the Samurai’s honor: himself. The decisions you make and the actions that result are a reflection of who you really are. You cannot hide from yourself.


Duty & Loyalty

For the Samurai to perform an action or express something is equivalent to becoming its owner. He takes full responsibility for it, including for what follows. The Samurai is immensely loyal to those he cares for. He remains fiercely loyal to those for whom he is responsible.

Our motto is

“We lead today to enjoy tomorrow”