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Challenge Test

Evaluation of the preservative efficacy of a product to ensure a sufficient microbiological quality according to ISO/USP/EP norms.

Food business operator (FBO)

Every food supplement product in the EU needs to have a EU-based FBO. The FBO is in charge of ensuring the compliance and safety of a food supplement in the market.

Impurities test

Detection of the main allergens and heavy metals in a product.

Labelling and claims review

Guidance on labelling requirements and review of the labels to make them compliant with the applicable laws.

Period After Opening (PAO) test

Determination of the period of time after opening for which a product can be used without any harm to the consumer.

Portal notification

Prior to place a product on the market, it shall be notified to the EU and UK online portals. Some information about the product need to be provided. We can do and complete all the procedure for you.

Product classification and formula compliance

This service is aimed to help you in the classification of your product (cosmetic, drug, over-the-counter OTC) depending on EU/UK/US law and verify the compliance of the formula to the applicable legislations.

Product Information File (PIF) creation

This service is aimed to create the PIF as requested by EU/UK cosmetics law. Our experts will follow you and collaborate with you to acquire all the documents required for its creation.

Responsible Person (RP)

Every cosmetic product in the EU and UK market shall have a EU/UK-based RP. The RP is in charge of ensuring the compliance and safety of a cosmetic product in the market.

Safety assessment/Toxicological Risk Assessment (TRA)

Evaluation the safety of your products by a dedicated Toxicology Team according to the applicable EU/UK/US laws.

Skin compatibility test

(on normal and/or sensitive skin): evaluation of the skin compatibility of a cosmetic product, which allows to claim «Dermatologically tested» on the label.

Stability/Compatibility test

Evaluation of the stability and/or compatibility of a product. By definition, stability is the ability of a cosmetic product to resist change or variation of its initial properties over time under stated or reasonably foreseeable conditions of storage and use. Stability gives information about the stability of the product in different conditions. Compatibility gives information about the interaction between the product and its packaging in different conditions.

Test design

Help and guidance on the definition a test strategy depending on formula and product category, ensuring the safety and regulatory compliance of the product.