We believe in team work and vertical competences.

To guarantee the maximum efficiency and reliability of our services, we work in synergy with strategically chosen partners.

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Laboratory and Clinical testing services

We combine our regulatory consulting expertise with the testing expertise of Eurofins, the world class leader in laboratory and clinical testing.

Chimar is partner of Eurofins and particularly cooperates with Eurofins Cosmetics, the world wide largest integrated and harmonised provider for all Cosmetic testing, with over 300 laboratories in the world. This allow us to provide the complete range of analytical and clinical testing to support the regulatory requirements and guarantee a full testing support on a world scale.


Dermatologist & Medical services

We believe in science and scientists.

Chimar cooperates and is partner with the Italian Association of Dermatologists and Cosmetologists (AIDECO) to evaluate and guarantee at best the quality of cosmetic products.


Access to Academic Research

We believe in continuous learning and networking as critical resources to always perform on the edge.

Chimar closely cooperate with SDA Bocconi, one of the leading Business School in the world. Our managers and consultants are preferably selected among Bocconi Alumni.


International Support

We believe in local partnership to develop in foreign countries.

Chimar is partner with Japanese Cosmetic Center (JCC), a vast association counting over 150 members and active in the Japanese Cosmetic Industry. We are in close contact to support Japanese Cosmetic Industry to export and import to and from the world.


Japanese Cosmetics Portal


We believe in the potential of Made in Japan Cosmetics.

Japanese Cosmetics Experience (JCE) is an open platform to show and provide the essence of Japanese Cosmetic Industry. It serves as a portal to support the the expansion of Japanese cosmetics to the global market, through events and online development.


Cosmetic Industry Excellence


More than 65% of the total global production of cosmetics is made in Italy.

Chimar is proud member of the Polo Tecnologico della Cosmesi, the Italian Cluster of OEM and ODM companies representing an excellence in the cosmetic industry.

Mr. Marco Piacentini, Chimar Partner, is Board Member in the Bocconi Alumni Association, member of the Italian Association of Chemist and Cosmetologists (SICC) and the Italian representative of the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC).